General School Aims

'Our Aim is to develop each child to the full, to ensure that each and every child works to the best of their ability, whatever that ability might be.'

At St. Patrick's P.S. we are committed to developing confident achievers for the World Community.

We promote high achievement and learning for life by working with children to:

  • Instill in pupils a love for lifelong learning
  • Develop advance technological skills for more effective learning.
  • Motivate pupils to become more independent learners
  • Build self respect for others and their environment
  • Be flexible and adaptable for 21st century

We believe that each child will achieve success through experiencing:

  • A broad and balanced and challenging curriculum
  • A stimulating and motivating learning environment
  • A varied programme of extra curricular acyivities and school visits
  • An ethos that is encouraging, supportive and friendly
  • An effective partnership with home, school and the community
  • A variety of teaching approaches and strategies to meet the learning needs and styles of pupils
  • Access to a range of varied and up to date resources

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning by:

  • Participating in ongoing self evaluation to improve on our previous best
  • Working collaborately with all our stakeholders